Hi there. I am Steve Mann.

Born in the beautiful city Mumbai, I’ve been moving around a lot. Some of the places I’ve lived in include Vishakhapatnam(Andhra Pradesh), Karnal(Haryana), Paonta Sahib(Himachal Pradesh) and Sonipat(Haryana). I’m currently living in New Delhi, the national capital of India.

Currently, I’m doing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) undergraduate course. I’ve been around computers for quite a time now. Computers always fascinated me and I always wanted to do one thing or other on computers. This admiration for technology gradually turned into a habit, and I’m on my way to make a career out of it. I started programming when I was around 15. I followed John Purcell’s Java for Complete Beginners course on his website. That course helped me to find a path. When I had a fairly good amount of knowledge, I knew how and where to search for things and what to do next. I kept on doing one thing or other, not just in programming, but otherwise too. El Perdon Covers I recorded back in late 2015 are good examples. At that time I really used to think I was a good singer, but believe me, I am not. I did a few more projects all by myself. You’ll find most of my works arranged here on my website. And I’ll be blogging about things that I’m learning so that I can help others in some way.

I plan to be helpful to humanity with my knowledge of computers. I’ll keep learning and will keep spreading and sharing what I’ve learned. Because I think, programming ahead will be a lot more complex, yet a lot easier. Everyone will be a programmer and programming will be as normal for us as eating. It’ll be a part of our lives. Computers will be the backbone of our existence. Technology will keep evolving and will keep inspiring us for new inventions. And that’s why I say, Learn, Share, Innovate, and Invent.

You can contact me if you have any good idea, or you like my work, or you just want to talk. I’m open for genuine discussions. You can comment regarding topics I post in the comments section or you can contact me directly.