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Mannterview was a journalism blog started by me in November 2015. Its primary focus was the Middle Eastern situation and global terrorism. The motive was to analyze and spread the awareness about the war going on. How the war affects the world, and what should be done. The About on the blog’s website says:

We are a bunch of people who keep an eye on the happenings of the world. We try to understand the events, analyse them and then present our thoughts to the world. We don’t work for any profitable or non-profitable organization, we are our own organisation.

Mannterview, is actually an idea of presenting our thoughts as an interview. Although, it’s tough for us to interview people, so we present our thoughts, as articles and writings…

Mannterview website was built on WordPress. I could only write two blogs, Paris Attacks and Movements Against Terrorism and Global Collaboration, Shengen and the Refugees.

Paris Attacks and Movements Against Terrorism

This blog was written just after the Paris Attacks that happened on Nov 13, 2015. It talks about the attacks and aftermath. It also talks about the Al-Qaeda’s 7 Step Plan that ISIS was supposedly following. It also discusses how the world is reacting to the threat and how what’s wrong with the plan to counter the threat posed by ISIS. The blog also talks about the situation in Europe due to the war in the Middle East. All of the views are personal and I wrote what I thought about the topic at that time. Some of my assumptions didn’t go as I thought they would.

Global Collaboration, Shengen and the Refugees

This was written on Nov 25, 2015. This post discusses the idea of Global Collaboration to fight against ISIS and why it was a good idea and why it wasn’t. As posted in the article, the main questions that I tried to discuss were:  Are we actually thinking of defeating IS exclusively by air attacks? Is the global collaboration that everyone is talking about, even possible? What about the innocent asylum seekers who don’t have a place to live, after most of the countries stepping back on accepting them, as a security measure? What is the future of the Shengen Pact? And now, after the Russian fighter jet was downed by Turkey, what is the stand of other nations on it, and on the upcoming so-called global alliance?

There was a lot going on in the world that time. Russians bombing the oil tankers, conflicts between US and Russia, Turkey bringing down the Russian Fighter, the Refugee Crisis in Europe and the reaction of European countries after Paris attacks and a lot more. I tried to cover most of the burning topics that time.

You can have a look at the website here. Anyone interested in continuing the blog is welcome.

Do tell me if you liked my work on Mannterview.

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