The Diary Project – The Making of Diary

The Diary Project was started as a study of how cryptography works. Back in summer 2014, while studying cryptography, I thought I can use this to encrypt texts that a person wants to save on his computer. The idea developed and turn out that making a Diary would be the best. A personal journal that saves everything in encrypted format so no outsider can read the text.

Diary v1.0 was just like a text editor that saved your text in encrypted format with file extension ‘.diaryIt used DES Encryption Mechanism to encrypt the data. Hence, the data remains secured and no outsider can read the data. It was a fairly simple program made in Java. And it was pretty satisfying for me to make this. I used it, and my friends used it.

Diary v1.0

Diary v1.0

In mid-2015, I thought that this piece of code can be made more user-friendly. So I somehow found the code I wrote and started adding new things to it. My main focus was on adding text formatting to Diary. Formatted text looks nice, and is useful to present ideas effectively. But the text formatting could not be saved in a normal file. So I had to save the files in RTF format and then encrypt them. It was a big challenge for me. But when I solved it, I thought about sharing it. So I wrote blogs about saving text in RTF format in Java and reading RTF texts in Java. I  added menus and shortcuts for better usability. Also, version 2.0 had GNU GPL v3 distribution license. Diary v2.0 was not backward compatible.


Diary v2.0

Diary v3.0 changed the encryption used to Triple DES Encryption Mechanism. DES is considered one of the weakest encryptions. Triple DES is fairly secure. Cracking a Triple DES is nearly impossible. Diary v3.0 adds a few more minor features like greetings to user and file save and open status. Because the whole encryption mechanism was changed in v3.0, it is not backward compatible.


Diary v3.0

Meanwhile, development for Diary for Android started. The motive was to make an Android app with the same features. Not everyone has access to their PC all the time. Building the app for the mobile platform would increase the usability for Diary. Everyone keeps mobile phones with them. And Diary for Android would only make the software more portable.

Diary v4.0 focuses more on visuals and UI. It added a theme option to select theme color. It remembers the theme color previously used and uses the same theme when you log in again. Diary v4.0 felt a complete software in terms of visuals. It was more attractive and appealing. A few bugs including the bug while changing password was fixed. Also, it added a new feature Image of the Day. You can save one image in the Diary, which would also be all encrypted. It was backward compatible with Diary v3.0. This is the most stable and most attractive build of the Diary project.


Diary v4.0

After this, main focus shifted on Android platform. Diary for Android was in full swing. It has almost all the features that Diary for PC has. Image of the Day, Triple DES Encryption and all. Diary for Android v3.0 was added to Google Play Store on 4 June 2016 under the developer name Steve-Mann. The latest version is Diary Gookhastrov (v7.0) which has 4000+ installs and can be downloaded from Play Store for free.

Get it on Google Play

Diary for Android

   Note: Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

The unreleased Diary v5.0 for PC was meant to make the Diary project completely platform independent but there are a few major bugs that I was not able to fix. Diary for Android saves the logs in HTML format and Diary for PC saves them in RTF format. Hence, the two are not completely compatible. Independently, Diary v4.0 for PC and Diary Gookhastrov (v7.0) for Android are the most stable builds and are recommended.

This was all about making of Diary. Try the app and comment of you like it. Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: Diary v9.0 Hilanivik for Android is now available on Google Play Store. Diary v9.0 implements AES/GCM Encryption mechanism which is one of the latest and safest encryption schemes. Also, it is backward compatible with previous versions of Diary which used Triple-DES encryption. AES/GCM makes the app one of the most secure journals keeping apps available till date.

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  1. MS says:

    The most advanced piece of software I’ve ever seen.

  2. Joginder Mann says:

    beautiful, keep it up !!!

  3. Irvin says:

    Aw, this was a definitely nice post. In thought I’d like to put in writing like this furthermore – taking time and actual effort to create a really excellent article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no indicates seem to get one thing done.

    1. Steve Mann says:

      Procrastination is the enemy. We all procrastinate at some point. The hardest part is to start. Once we start off good, things get easy. Just stay motivated and keep working.
      Do share your works with me! I’d love to see your work.

  4. Saujanya says:

    Bro just superb
    Keep the good work up

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