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MackMann (Originally MackBrag) is a tech blog originally created by Mukul Sehrawat back in July 2015. Started as a casual blog, MackMann now focuses more on technological queries and their solutions. I joined the blog a little later and we changed the name of the blog to MackMann.


MackMann Blog

MackMann is a tech blog. We post howtos, new tech stuff related to Android, Computer Programming, Linux and our own projects. We try to share everything we know and everything we do. We tell about the problems we faced doing certain things and how we solved them. We are always open to discussion and we are happy to help. We believe sharing helps us grow, stay motivated and it generates new ideas.

The Blog, although has been quiet for a while now, but will be updated soon. So stay tuned.

Till then, you can follow MackMann on GMail and Twitter.

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